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Medicare Interactive is a free and independent online reference tool for understanding the complexities of health insurance and Medicare. It is comprised of informative free articles, advice, and case studies, as well as paid video training for more in-depth Medicare education.

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“With the help of the Medicare Rights Center, we were able to craft an informative, stress-free experience that helps others navigate their healthcare-related questions.”

Mickey Winter, Chief Creative Officer

Something Digital partnered with the Medicare Rights Center to design and develop a responsive website utilizing Wordpress and the WooCommerce plugin to integrate free and subscription-based resources.

The information architecture was restructured to create a clear content hierarchy that allows users to find answers easily and learn about Medicare at an individual pace. Through the design of custom icons and the adherence to AA-level accessibility standards, SD was able to successfully create a user experience that can be enjoyed and explored by a wide audience. If you have Medicare or are helping people with Medicare you can create a free profile here ›

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Medicare Interactive Category
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