SD Office Hours: Ask Us About Magento, Ep. 2

If you follow SD, Mr. Phillip Jackson, or resident West Coaster Brian Lange on Twitter then you’ve heard of SD Office Hours. Now if you don’t follow us and haven’t heard about SD Office Hours I suggest you stay on this page a little bit longer just to see how amazing it is and what you’ve been missing. We launched SD Office Hours just about a month ago and are ecstatic about the input and participation we’ve received from both retailers and the Magento Community. This series gives retailers, technology partners, and fellow developers the opportunity to ask questions about integration suggestions, Magento training, UX design, or any issues they’ve had or are currently having with the Magento platform. I highly recommend that you check out episode 2 of our office hours, you won’t regret it.


Want to know the questions and timestamps without watching the whole video? Check out the cheat sheet below!

  • What is a good point-of-sale solution for SMB merchants on Magento? – 01:40-06:30
  • What is the best way to audit Magento code for performance? – 06:55-11:25
  • What is a solution for multi-warehouse and inventory in Magento? – 11:40-18:57
  • What is the date that Magento is extending support for M1? – 19:20-21:50
  • Do you have any recommendations for image type or formatting to improve the look of graphics on phone and desktop? – 22:18-29:24
  • Is “web push notification” an anti-pattern or just the new popup of 2017? – 29:35-32:12
  • What are some tips on local development environments? – 32:25-39:55
  • What are you seeing in the M1 to M2 migration rate? –  40:35-43:35
  • Where can we find M2 training materials? – 43:38-47:45
  • What is your advice on the best way to make small design tweaks to Magento CSS? – 47:54-54:43


If you really want to know everything we talked about there’s even a transcript you can download. Enjoy!