Patrick McLain

Pat maintains a handful of open-source modules for Magento 2 and can often be found looking for interesting questions on Magento StackExchange. When not programming he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

Stephanie Concepcion

Stephanie spends too much time dreaming about installing her consciousness into an immortal android body so that she can read every book in the world. She also enjoys normal hobbies like drawing, video games, and binge watching Korean television.

Alejandro Baez

Alejandro is a physicist by trade, a software developer by practice, and a Linux evangelist by love. His consistent persuit of knowledge have guided him learn the difficult, the unknown, and the utterly impossible of being a human being.

Subramaniam Swamynathan

You can find Subbu walking through NYC trying to catch Pokemon. Whatever the latest fad, sign him up! He loves traveling, binge watching Tv-shows and political satire. He has also visited most places where Seinfeld was filmed.

Tim Mahon

Tim enjoys reading books, watching movies, and checking out the latest in technology. He is always on the lookout for a good place to eat, and loves to hang out with his friends, family and dog.