Uzziel Sierra

Uzziel is a huge baseball fan. He loves to watch his Aquilas Cibaeñas’ games. His other hobbies include playing video games, and binge-watching movies and tv shows.

Itai Flam

Itai recently graduated from Stony Brook University. In his spare time, he watches soccer (Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool) and attends NYCFC games. Itai speaks English, Hebrew, and Japanese, and hopes to add more languages to his arsenal in the future.

Bradley Brecher

Bradley enjoys talking and watching sports, not giving up hope on the NY Mets winning the World Series again. He also likes to travel and take pictures of sunsets along the way.


Ben Giamarino

Ben enjoys cruising Lake Shore Drive on his motorcycle, boating Lake Michigan and a variety of outdoor activities and sports. During the winter, you can find him skiing, ice-skating, snowmobiling, and otherwise embracing Midwest weather. Current non-seasonal activities include learning Korean, volunteering, working-out, and enjoying the social scene Chicago has to offer.


Jawann Carmona

Jawann loves being creative and finding new ways to express himself.  He loves pizza slices, pizza rolls, and pizza bagels. Once the football season starts, it’s hard to get him to leave the house on Sundays.


Swapnil Savale

Swapnil loves to play with data and numbers. When Swapnil is not working, he loves to travel places. He is the biggest fan of Cricket, loves to play pool, and badminton.

Conor Beck

Conor is a recent Stony Brook University grad and the newest programmer addition to our Strategic Engagement team. He is always up to try new things and enjoys learning about foreign cultures. He has traveled to Canada, Korea and studied abroad in Japan. On his weekends he can be found sailing the waters around Long Island or in the dojo practicing the martial art of kendo.

Tony Ciarelli

Tony is a Southern California native who enjoys spending time with his family and playing beach volleyball with his friends. Tony’s other interests include listening to the Grateful Dead, watching the Yankees, Lakers and USC Trojans, and hanging out with his wife (not necessarily in that order).

Tim Mattessich

Tim is an avid sports fan who can be found cheering on the NY Rangers and NY Giants.  If he isn’t watching sports, he is outside playing them, with a particular interest in Golf, Snowboarding, and Lacrosse.