Episode 49: 2019 Review and 2020 Planning


  • Blog Post Discussion: https://www.somethingdigital.com/blog/holiday-2019-lessons-learned/ 
    • Online retail grew by almost 20%: what are the main causes for such massive growth? 
    • It seems like you could get black Friday Deals starting November 1: is Black Friday dead and has it just turned into Black November? Our blog says the date of Thanksgiving matters, but with the above phenomenon is that still true? 
  • Blog Post Discussion: https://www.somethingdigital.com/blog/sds-10-ecommerce-conferences-to-attend-in-2020/ 
    • What events will Something Digital be attending this year? Which are you most looking forward to? 
    • Something Digital at NRF. 
  • Blog Post Discussion: https://www.somethingdigital.com/blog/2020-predictions-from-something-digital/ 
  • 2020 is the year of business oriented podcasts 
    • Are podcasts the new apps? 
    • Every company had an app 3 years ago, is every company going to have its own podcast now? 
  • Local will be cool again 
  • Has Shopify enabled this by making it easier on the entrepreneur to start an online business? 
  • Will Amazon taper off?
  • Consumers will shop their values 
  • Where is the line on the price/values chart? 
  • Does one’s spending power affect this? 
  • Does it matter what the reality is or is it all about how you market the company?