Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (12/26 - 12/30)

Magento 2 on Amazon Lightsail
Source: Something Digital Blog

It’s been a few weeks since Amazon Lightsail was introduced at AWS: Reinvent. Reinvent is the annual Amazon Web Services conference. This year over 30,000 attendees joined the event to learn about new technologies and the growth of the AWS platform. See what our Ecommerce Evangelist, Phillip Jackson had to say about Amazon Lightsail on Magento 2. Go to article ›

How to use analytics to get more ecommerce sales
Source: Forbes

If you run an e-commerce store using any of today’s popular platforms, you’ve got access to a tremendous amount of data. Your customer insights, marketing, and merchandising data offer untold opportunities for boosting revenue and growing your business – but only if you’re reading and acting on that data appropriately. Go to article › 

Hey ecommerce merchants, what's your plan for next year?
Source: Something Digital Blog

It was another banner year for most ecommerce merchants. So much goes into ensuring, managing, and taking advantage of holiday traffic spikes that the natural inclination is to look at the numbers, take a victory lap, and go on vacation. However, we urge you to consider this: our most successful clients have already been planning for next year and are in the throes of finalizing their 2017 initiatives. Go to article ›

5 ecommerce site designs trends for 2017
Source: PracticalEcommerce

There is no doubt that ecommerce design continues to change year after year so what exactly is in store for 2017? One of the biggest trends for 2017 is mobile design. It's no secret that more web traffic and purchases continue to increase on mobile and decrease on desktop. This is why it's so essential for ecommerce companies to have a responsive web design. A bad mobile UX is bad for business. Want to see the other 4 trends on the horizon for 2017? Well then keep reading. Go to article ›

Facebook purchases an eye-tracking starup with an eye toward VR
Source: Forbes

Facebook purchases Eye Tribe, a Danish start-up that specializes in eye tracking technology. This could be a big next step in VR and bring it the immediate enhancements that it needs to take it to the next level. Keep reading to learn more. Go to article ›