Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (11/21 - 11/25)

5 Tips to Drive More Action and Conversions with Your Website Content
Source: Business2Community

Persuasive copy is about understanding the needs of your target audience and carefully crafting a message that triggers the right emotions and convinces them to take action. It directly impacts your conversion rates, marketing goals, and sales numbers. So how do you create such messages? One way is to hire a professional (and often expensive) copywriter. But if you’re short on budget, or like doing this on your own, here are a few key points to keep in mind while creating your website content. Go to article ›

Online retailer launches 'care-culator' to see how much you should spend on gifts

A new "holiday calculator" tells you how much to spend on gifts for family and friends. The online retailer by Wal-Mart--teamed up with Facebook to create a "care-culator." It analyzes your relationship and social interactions before recommending a price range for a gift. Go to article ›

Utilizing Virtual Reality to Revolutionize The eCommerce Market
Source: Forbes

As early as April 2016, Shopify showcased some of its prototype virtual reality technologies in the yearly Unite Conference, besides opening up on the company’s visions regarding virtual reality commerce. In May, eBay announced its first ever virtual reality department store, released in association with Myer. In September, Shopify released its first virtual reality app for Windows, available for HTC Vibe headsets on Steam. Although technologies are merely scratching the surface when it comes to delivering a full-fledged brick-and-mortar shopping experience from your couch, they might just have paved a way for something bigger and better. Go to article ›

8 Handy Commandments for Creating Awesome UX
Source: Inc 42

As a UX designer, you must be creative and a mad scientist to bring the perfect user experience in your web design. Your imagination and forward-thinking approach come from your creativity, and your ability to formulate a user-friendly design while following a set of rules puts you in a category of crazy scientists. You must be wondered about the UX design formula that effectively meets user expectations while using the predefined set of rules. Here are eight commandments for delivering amazing UX every time. Go to article ›

Holiday Marketing Without the Heavy Markup: 11 Tips for Seasonal Marketing on a Budget
Source: Business2Community

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Hopefully! The National Retail Federation anticipates a 3.6 percent increase in holiday sales this year, but even the most successful small business owners can be anxious about how year-end receipts will shake out. If you’re one of those nervous business owners, the idea of holiday marketing may seem like so much added pressure. But breathe a sigh of relief; holiday marketing doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Here are 11 tips for holiday marketing on a budget. Go to article ›