Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (11/14 - 11/18)

10 Google Search Ranking Factors Content Marketers Should Prioritize (And 3 You Shouldn’t)
Source: Business2Community

As content marketers or digital marketers, SEO is important. You should familiarize yourself with the full list of 200 ranking factors. However, knowing what’s a vital factor and what can take a backseat to your audience-focused content can be difficult. Here are 10 factors to focus on and three you might not want to prioritize. Go to article ›

Visual Search for Ecommerce Going Mainstream
Source: Practical Ecommerce

Back in 2006, a company named enabled consumers to upload a photo to search for products. was popular as a price comparison site, but visual search did not experience wide adoption in the retail community. Google purchased in 2010. Fast forward to 2016 and visual search is gaining acceptance. Google’s “Images” search now includes visual search. Last year, Pinterest launched a visual search feature that allows searching part of a pinned photo for products, like the kitchen lamp in the image below. Amazon’s mobile app has included visual search since 2014. Go to article ›

5 Tips for Effective B2B Ecommerce
Source: Business2Community

Time and time again, businesses and enterprises will find that business is as much about communicating and building relationships with clients and potential leads, as it is about building trustworthy and profitable business-to-business channels in order to efficiently source every product and service you need to keep your operation running smoothly. In other words, communication is important on both B2B and B2C fronts for any and all business endeavors. Go to article ›

What Responsive Web Design Means for You and Your Content
Source: PR Newswire

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to view a webpage on a mobile device that is not mobile friendly. Needless to say, a website that’s not designed for mobile devices does not make for an enjoyable user experience. This is where the power of Responsive Web Design (RWD) comes in. Go to article ›

Planning Holiday Content: 7 Ideas
Source: Business2Community

People love a holiday! Any holiday really, but most especially the ones that get them a day off work. You definitely want to cash in on those relaxed holiday vibes and you need to have a set, achievable goal in order to do so. Make sure the email, post, or blog article is helpful to the consumer and encourage them to share it—which increases the visibility of your content. Let’s take a look at 7 other ideas for planning and promoting the holidays. Go to article ›