Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (10/24 - 10/28)

ZendCon 2016 Recap
Source: Something Digital

A recap told by SD’s very own Magento Master, Phillip Jackson. When I saw the ZendCon 2016 speaker lineup, I was excited that my talk was accepted and proud to stand alongside some of the smartest people in the PHP community. There are few places where I can "nerd out" like I can at a PHP conference. I'm a developer at heart and many conferences cover business and merchant strategy and have me spending a good deal of time in the booth. Not to mention who doesn’t love another conference in Las Vegas. 
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10 Point Checklist: Is Your E-Commerce Business Ready for Cyber Monday?
Source: Business2Community

More consumers are shopping online than ever before. According to one study from UPS and comScore, consumers now do more than 50% of their shopping online. You can expect this figure to spike during the holiday shopping season, and you can reap the rewards of this boost in online consumer traffic if you start preparing your online store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday right now, instead of waiting until the last-minute. This article presents a solid 10-point checklist of the most critical items to address while preparing your e-commerce store for the holiday crowds. 

What new mobile and online payment options mean for retailers
Source: Internet Retailer

It's exciting times for new payment methods on the mobile web. With recent launches of Apple Pay on e-commerce sites and Google releasing its Payment Request API, marketers are paying close attention to how higher performance in the checkout process will affect conversions. Knowing the average checkout process is slow—40 seconds is the average across both desktop and mobile sites, and 46% of abandonment happens at the payment stage—the promise of a more positive payment experience on any device or browser could be what finally brings mobile conversion rates to match desktop. Go to article ›

Shopify Launches Sections for Themes
Source: Something Digital

Shopify continues to increase the functionality of their platform by adding new features that both SI’s and merchants can utilize. The newest feature on deck, ‘Sections for Shopify Themes.’ Go to blog ›

Interactive E-commerce and Why It’s the New Future
Source: Huffington Post

Today, personalization is everywhere. People no longer buy “just some product”. They want to get an experience along with it. Customization allows instilling a feeling of “uniqueness” and “self-expression”, making even a mass-market product appearing more exquisite and, hence, desirable. This desire for customization isn’t simply an urge to modify cosmetic features either. Consumers may also want to customize functional elements. The solution is interactive eCommerce. Go to article ›