Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (10/03 - 10/07)

Successful Launch! – Maddie
Source: Something Digital Blog

Maddie Ziegler is one of the world’s most talented and celebrated young performers. Now teens and tweens can dress like Maddie with the launch of her new site Something Digital designed and built the new ecommerce website using a custom responsive theme on Magento Enterprise 1.14.2 including features such as ajax multi-select filtering and OOB border free off-site checkout. Go to blog ›

7 Eye-Catching Headlines That Will Get Your Emails Opened
Source: Business2Community

Email is certainly still relevant; millions of people use it. But we don’t get excited about email like we used to. When companies heavily rely on email blasts, it creates fatigue with the audience. That only produces more experiences like my mate had, and they’ll eventually tune out and delete messages they perceive as spam. If you want to avoid creating emails that suck (and keep the open rates up), you have to use subject lines that drive the message home and help you stand out amid the clutter in your subscribers’ inboxes. Go to article ›

Five email tips from 2016
Source: Bloomreach

Couldn’t make it to this year? No problem, here are some email marketing tips that came from David Costs, of Rainbow Shops. Go to article ›

Magento Meetup New York Recap
Source: Something Digital Blog

Magento Meetups represent the whole of the ecommerce landscape, including Magento employees, industry providers, certified developers, ecommerce professionals, and industry executives. At the September 29th New York Magento Meetup, SD’s very own Max Chadwick gave his attention-grabbing Full Page Cache Hit Rate Talk. Go to blog ›

Beyond ROI: 10 Marketing Metrics to Track Customer Sentiment
Source: Business2Community

With enough planning and data, you could easily apply a dollar value to each of your prospective customers. You could also calculate the ROI of a campaign and uncover your actual customer acquisition costs. What you can’t do is calculate the ROI of your social engagement efforts with any real accuracy. This is because there’s so much more depth to social media, and your engagement usually isn’t transactional. Marketing metrics for calculating ROI are still important, but I highly recommend adding social engagement and customer sentiment metrics to the mix. 

How artificial intelligence can unlock the potential of mobile retail
Source: Internet Retailer

AI is uniquely able to provide a text-free shopping journey, one that transforms mobile shopping into a wordless visual conversation. As much time as we spend on our cellphones, we actually don't use them to buy all that much. According to eMarketer, while mobile phones boast about 30% of all retail traffic, they only account for 11% of revenue. We browse on our phones, sure, but when it comes to buying, we actually use our desktops or head to a brick-and-mortar location that carries products we're interested in. Go to article ›