Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (02/13 - 02/17)

Introducing the Strategic Engagement Group
Source: Something Digital Blog

Something Digital no longer delivers Interactive Managed Services (IMS). Instead, we now provide ongoing Strategic Engagement Services (SES). The name change became official in January of 2017. It represents the growth of our team and a significant change in both philosophy and process. After years of delivering post-launch solution support (as a more traditional managed service), we wanted to improve. We realized that clients didn’t want to pay for a reactive block of hours to use as “things came up.” Instead, they wanted a proactive partner to deliver ongoing value. Go to article ›

How to Drive Customer Retention with Email Marketing
Source: Business2Community

Email marketing is hands-down the best way to turn one-time shoppers into loyal, long-term customers. That’s why 80% of brands rely on it to drive customer retention, and another 56% of them say email marketing is the most effective way to reach retention goals. There are a lot of reasons why email marketing drives retention. It’s more personal and direct than other marketing channels, and people love receiving email from their favorite brands. Let’s get specific: what types of emails work best for driving retention? Go to article ›

SD Merchant to Merchant Podcast
Source: Something Digital Blog

We're very excited to share our first podcast with all of you. This podcast won't just be about anything - we're bringing you stories about digital commerce straight from the merchants themselves and it's hosted by SD's Ecommerce Evangelist, Phillip Jackson. Yes, that Phillip Jackson, the two time Magento Master: Mentor. Go to article ›

7 Web Design Trends in 2017
Source: Business2Community

Web design trends seem to change as each year goes by. So what are some of the trends for 2017? Animations, minimalist design, card design? Keep reading to find out what is in store for 2017. Go to article ›

The Future of Ecommerce Marketing: Insights from Entrepreneurs, Executives and Influencers
Source: The Huffington Post

In 2016, eMarketer estimated worldwide Ecommerce sales had reached $1.915 trillion. By 2020, the market research firm predicts that figure will rise to $4.058 trillion — more than doubling in size in four years. That, of course, means there is enormous opportunity for Ecommerce brands to grow and thrive. Go to article ›