Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (02/06 - 02/10)

Digital Marketing Activities in 2017 to Increase
Source: Business2Community

Digital marketing is where it’s at. Everyone from politicians to major international companies are focusing their efforts on digital marketing as opposed to traditional advertising models. Here’s a look at what many marketers will be focused on with that increased spending in 2017. Go to article ›

The Key to Success in Ecommerce 2017: Apple Pay
Source: Something Digital Blog

There are very few things in the world of ecommerce that you can call a “silver bullet”. But if there ever was just one weird trick to improving the performance of your online store it would be removing obstacles to conversion - and there are no larger obstacles to conversion than getting people to follow a multi-step checkout process: typing card details, creating an account and remembering passwords. Checkout is the biggest hurdle to converting a shopper into a customer. Go to article ›

10 Ingredients for Ecommerce Success
Source: Practical Ecommerce

There is no fast track to success in ecommerce, or any other type of business. First, successful entrepreneurs own and operate a business for a reason. It’s far beyond merely having a job, typically. Their business solves a problem, fills a need, or addresses a passion of the entrepreneur. This article, focuses on the variables that determine ecommerce success. Go to article › 

SD Merchant to Merchant Podcast
Source: Something Digital Blog

We're very excited to share our first podcast with all of you. This podcast won't just be about anything - we're bringing you stories about digital commerce straight from the merchants themselves and it's hosted by SD's Ecommerce Evangelist, Phillip Jackson. Yes, that Phillip Jackson, the two time Magento Master: Mentor. Go to article ›

4 Secrets to Website Navigation Design with SEO Power
Source: Business2Community

An effective site menu structure is one of the most important elements of a website. It guides users through the brand experience and allows search engine crawlers to discover and prioritize site content. By following the best practices of website navigation design, you can help users find exactly what they’re looking for every time they visit your site. Go to article ›