Ecommerce Weekly Round Up (01/16 - 01/20)

How UX design can benefit your business
Source: Business2Community

If you are not in the design business, you may have heard the term UX being used recently but don’t quite have an understanding of what it is and how it can benefit your business. While UX certainly is a hot topic now, it has in fact been an important discipline since the 1990s and it is rapidly becoming more important with the rapid proliferation of mobile devices in our lives. You may not understand what UX can do for your business, so below are listed a few of the main benefits that come from user experience design. Go to article ›

Magento 2 on Amazon Lightsail - Part 2
Source: Something Digital Blog

In part one we discussed why you might choose Lightsail and some of the roadblocks you may experience while getting up and running. Since that time there have been some improvements. Check out part 2 to see what's changed and why it's improved. Go to article ›

How to optimize your B2B content strategy to generate more leads
Source: Business2Community

Everyone is creating content these days. But with all of this content being created, how do you make sure it’s effective? It’s one thing to write an amazing 3-part guide and post it to your blog. It’s another thing altogether to use that guide to generate leads. Here are some steps you can take to optimize your B2B content strategy to generate more leads. Go to article › 

The science behind UX design
Source: Forbes

Most people can't truly multitask. For that reason, good user experience (UX) design is one that gives just enough information to proceed to the next stage. Keeping it precise and simple is the first principle of good UX design, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Go to article ›

What ecommerce marketers need to know about mobile SEO in 2017
Source: Business2Community

By the time you read this, everything we’ve learned about mobile SEO could be wrong. Google has already begun testing a mobile-first index that not only rewards mobile-friendly websites, but ranks the desktop version based on content it finds on the mobile version. Until now, it has been the other way around. Go to article ›