Something Digital is a unique place, where people and their projects excel, and where everyone gets invited to dinner. We are an agency and a tech services firm. Our people and our capabilities help our clients achieve great things.


  • Discover

    Engage the client to define their solution with appropriate precision.

  • Design

    Add structure, user experience (UX), and visual components.

  • Develop

    Build solutions based on the framework defined in the prior phases.

  • Demo

    Test, based on criteria and use cases defined during Discovery.

  • Deploy

    Deliver functional solution to target working environment.


  • Brandon Alexander

    Brandon likes playing and watching most sports (soccer, football, golf, volleyball, etc.) and travelling with friends.

  • Brittany Wheeler
    Brittany Wheeler

    Outside of the office, Brittany is a huge foodie and you can find her searching for the best spicy tuna and banana roll, exploring her new home - NYC, and traveling around the world one country at a time.

  • chandrika
    Chandrika Singh

    She loves to explore new places and filling her “Visited Map” with different countries. At home she binge watches TV series or reads novels with a pint of Ice-Cream or two.

  • David Borishansky

    David is a special-needs family man that loves to play indoor soccer and kayak on the nearby James River.

  • frank falco
    Frank Falco

    Three of Frank’s favorite things all begin with “F”. Ford Mustangs, Fender Guitars and Amplifiers. He can usually be found playing on weekends with his band, or driving his Mustang on a back road on eastern Long Island.

  • gil greenberg
    Gil Greenberg

    Gil loves learning new technologies and languages. When not working he enjoys biking, swimming, and traveling to new places.

  • Gina Angelotti

    Gina is inspired in and outside of work by her capoeira community. When she isn’t Brazilian fight-dancing, she’s likely riding her bicycle and falling in love with New York over and over again on two wheels.

  • Greg Steinberg

    While out of the office, Greg is usually on a softball field or catching some live music in the area.

  • James Idoni

    When not managing projects, James is playing, watching, or thinking about football.

  • jannette
    Jannette Merritt-Phillips

    I love traveling abroad with my husband and discovering new food recipes to try out in the kitchen. I enjoy learning new languages and dream of becoming a Polyglot. My latest endeavor is learning Korean.

  • joey
    Joey Hoer

    I enjoy reading technical blogs, playing fetch in the park with my dog, and going out to P A R T - Y? because I gotta. I also enjoy making obscure Jim Carry references, and watching "classic" movies.

  • Jon Klonsky

    When not in the office, Jon obsesses over skiing, the NY Giants, and destroying the competition in karaoke.

  • Jon Tudhope

    Outside of work Jon enjoys hiking, cycling, taking in a game of rugby / cricket. He can play a few musical instruments very poorly with a bleak outlook for improvement though he enjoys the challenge. Jon has a penchant for beer and baklava.

  • Kate Eldridge
    Kate Eldridge

    Outside of work, Kate loves art and photography and can be found touring Chelsea galleries and shooting portraits or photographing her new niece.

  • lindsay
    Lindsay Pugh

    Lindsay is a voracious reader who also enjoys making and watching films. She’s currently on a never-ending quest to discover the best burrito in the city.

  • Lindsay Stork
    Lindsay Stork

    Lindsay loves finding design inspiration in New York. Outside of SD, she is usually running, browsing art galleries, or planning her next travel adventure.

  • Lorna DSouza

    Lorna enjoys fixing puzzles and learning new things, whether its technology or recipes.

  • Max Chadwick

    Max enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and going on long walks with his dog when the weather is nice.

  • Megan DeLeonardis

    Megan enjoys spending time with her family and dog, Bevo. She also enjoys cooking, traveling, and working out.

  • michael cavataio
    Michael Cavataio

    Outside of SD, Michael enjoys watching tv, reading books and spending time outdoors.  He loves to play sports and is an aspiring member of the PGA Senior tour.

  • Michael Savino

    In his spare time Mike can be found cooking; making, buying or drinking wine; and watching his beloved NY Mets.

  • Michaella Winter

    As Creative Director, Mickey leads SD's user experience and design strategies. Outside the office you can find her painting or hanging around the Slope with her dog Leia.

  • Mike Andrela

    Outside of his many Cisco certifications, Mike enjoys spending time with his family and having great food and wine.

  • Nadav Spiegelman

    Nadav is obsessed with Jazz music and plays upright bass when he's not working on the web. He loves typography, dumplings, and cool weather.

  • Nick Monti

    Away from SD, Nick enjoys music, learning about new technologies, dancing poorly in Brooklyn warehouses, cooking and craft beer.

  • Phillip Jackson

    A multi-instrumentalist, Phillip is an avid collector of vintage guitars, keyboards and amplifiers and has a home studio located in West Palm Beach.

  • pratik nikam
    Pratik Nikam

    Pratik eats Magento for breakfast and Rails for dessert. When not in the office, he's exploring the web for new learning resources and solving some real world problems.

  • Subramaniam Swamynathan
    Subbu Swamynathan

    You can find Subbu walking through NYC trying to catch Pokemon. Whatever the latest fad, sign him up! He loves traveling, binge watching Tv-shows and political satire. He has also visited most places where Seinfeld was filmed.

  • Tim
    Timothy Mahon

    Tim enjoys reading books, watching movies, and checking out the latest in technology. He is always on the lookout for a good place to eat, and loves to hang out with his friends, family and dog.

  • todd
    Todd Christensen

    Todd is usually found tinkering - with code, ideas, or open source projects.  He also likes to be outdoors - walking, hiking, or just watching a lunar eclipse.

  • Yasemin Hizal

    Outside of the office, Yasemin loves to travel. When she's not traveling, you can find her on the hunt for old video games (Sega, N64, PS1) to play.


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